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Welcome to TheRoseLifeCenter, the place to come for health and wholeness

from the beginning to the end of your life!

Restoring and developing the essential needs of your body, soul and spirit to live your life with purpose, meaning, and joy ~
both now and forever more.

What is Heaven Like?



What is Heaven like?  What will our bodies be like?

Will we recognize others?

Heaven is a wonderful place to look forward to and God wants us to know about it!  It’s no secret!  He tries to tell us about it in many ways and through many people.


God tells us about heaven in the Bible. The Bible gives us a lot of images about heaven.

We just have to put them together through the help of the Holy Spirit!

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Soul and Spirit
Transitioning to Your Afterlife


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 What happens during death and dying?

Your Life Review

Will you see loved ones?

In most cases the dying process has become a medical process and the natural spiritual side has been dismissed.  There is not much regard to compassion and nurturing.

Learn about the spiritual aspects of the dying process.

While you will not be able to help heal the physical sickness of your loved one, you can help them prepare their soul and spirit as they make the ultimate transition to Eternity.


Natural Health and Healing



Health and Healing through Natural Solutions

Feel BETTER as you get older instead of worse!


Protect yourself from the sicknesses and diseases that cripple or claim the lives of so many people.  Good health should be second nature to us.  Learn the basics of Natural Health to be able to maintain your health.


Life Purpose and Potential


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Discover and Develop

 Your Purpose, Gifts and Talents

Who are you really on the inside, away from the influence of social media and advertisements that are constantly telling you who you should be?  

Find out who you were created to be!  The moment you were born the blueprint of your life was imprinted in the Heavens.  You can learn how to read this blueprint and begin to discover who God truly created you to be - your gifts, talents, strengths and weaknesses!


Spirit, Soul, Body
Growth and Maintenance


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New Moon Celebrations

Empowering your life through the natural energies and cycles of the yearly calendar.

Each New Moon holds insight into God and His plan for our lives.  Each Month is unique in its meaning and teaching and gives us access to the tools that we need for living a fulfilling life.

 By flowing with God’s calendar it will help you develop your gifts and talents ~ it will help you improve and transform your shortcomings too!
You will truly get to know yourself.


Rose Martin

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Life Purpose Minister

Certified Natural Health Professional

Doctor of Naturopathy

Faith-based Astrologer

After suffering many illnesses, addictions, and heart breaks throughout her life, Rose continues to find healing, comfort and understanding through seeking God for the answers that man could not give her.  The Spirit has led her on a path to discover the ancient natural remedies and lifestyles that still can make us whole today.  She has grown in her spiritual and natural health understanding, and shares what she has learned with others to help them on their journey. 

"Since the 1980's I've been on a journey to discover more of spirituality and natural health ~ individually and how they work together.  It is never-ending, fascinating, life-changing.  My discoveries and the ministries that sprang from each are combined in this website to give insight and tools for others to fulfill their life's purpose." Rose


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Mineral Supplements



Valuable resources to help build your body, soul, and spirit for your life's journey.

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Fortify your Body, Soul, and Spirit!

Natural health solutions through nutrition, supplements, emotional stability.

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Follow God's cycles and timings and grow and maintain your spiritual walk and develop the godly traits you desire to have. 


Get insight into what Heaven is like, as well as the transition from here to there.  

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Books, supplements and more to feed your body, soul, and spirit!

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