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Cancer Rising
Cancer Key Declarations:  I Feel, I Nurture

Those born with Cancer Rising are seen as someone whose focus is on home and family.  Cancer Rising wants to be known for creating and sustaining emotional bonds with those to whom they are close.


Cancer is a Cardinal Sign and you initiate action to the preserve your inner security and protect your home and family. You are a leader but will often lead from behind.  You are steady in a crisis and are tenacious in getting what you want.


Cancer is a Water Sign which colors your nature with strong emotional sensitivity and spiritual or intuitive ability.  You love to care for others and tend to form a close circle of friends that is closed to others.  You are concerned with safety.  You have a receptive, Feminine polarity and are a nurturer, offering support and sympathy when needed.


The ruling Planet for Cancer Rising is the Moon, which is not a Planet, but the natural satellite of the Earth. The Moon represents responsiveness, sensitivity, and nurturing as well as fluctuating moods. The Moon goes through phases and so does Cancer Rising.  You are secretive, sensitive, and patriotic.


The Symbol of Cancer is The Crab, which carries its home on its back.  When you are threatened, you quickly retreat and hide in your shell.


Cancer is the natural Sign of the Fourth House which relates to the home, family, heritage, foundations and land.  Your emotional stability or instability is the product of your early environment and parental influence.


You are very protective of your family and sensitive to the feelings of others. Of all the signs Cancer Rising is the most emotional and the shyest because of the emotional, and receptive nature of your Rising Sign and its ruler.


With Cancer Rising you were born with great sensitivity and you will learn to balance your feelings through relationships that provide you with emotional discipline. 

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