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Spiritual Care Collection
A Collection of Faith Building Items
as highlighted in the book
End-of-Life Spiritual Care, by Rose Martin 

Choose Your Collection


Choose either Scarf or Tallit/Shawl Collection alone

or the Collection with the Book added

Please NOTE: These are examples of the various collections.  The style and color of the items included may vary from the photo depending on what is available at the time of purchase. 

Each Collection Inludes*:


Your choice of either -

1 - Prayer Scarf OR

1 - Prayer Shawl (Tallit)


Plus -

1 - Vile of unscented anointing oil

1 - Small bowl for water

7 - Self-contained communion cups with wafer

1 - 2" Unscented wax candle in votive

1 - Battery operated candle with votive

1 - Black tote bag, journal, and pen

1 - Step-by-step instructions

Option to Add Books to your Collection
(at an additional charge):

Items from above PLUS
1 - paperback copy of End-of-Life Spiritual Care  and

1 - complimentary copy of the booklet Learning to Let Go The Signs and Symptoms of the Dying Process.

These books together will help you understand the physical and spiritual aspects of the dying process.

*Each Collection is shipped in a separate shipping box and charged individually for Priority Mail Shipping 2-5 day service in USA.  For larger quantities, please contact us for special shipping arrangements.

Helping your loved one make their transition to Eternity with love and dignity

Discover more about the transition process:

End-of-Life Spiritual Care - the book

Life Review


Seeing Loved Ones

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