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End-of-Life Spiritual Care

Spiritual Insight and Biblical Practices to Help Your Loved One
Step into Eternity with Faith, Love, and Dignity

A Guide to Ministering to the Dying



We enter the world alone and we leave the world alone. Dying is a journey each person must ultimately make on their own when it is their time. Even so, people want and need their family and friends with them to help them make the transition. 


Over the next several years, many people will be making their transition from their earthly life to their heavenly life. You most likely know or will know someone whose time it is to make their journey.


While you will not be able to help heal the physical sickness of your loved one at the end of their life, you can help them as they prepare their soul and spirit to make their ultimate step into eternity. At this closing time in someone’s life, you have the opportunity to help them complete it in a most peaceful way.

How can you help your loved one make their transition to eternity?  Thankfully, the Spirit helps everyone through this process, but knowing more about it is very helpful for all that are involved.



What can you do while sitting vigil

with your loved one?

While it is true…Absent from the body, present with the Lord…there is a process that takes place before that ultimate step, which includes a life review.

In this book, understand the labor of dying and how you can help your loved one through it.


Learn how to use traditional biblical items such as candles and anointing oil to perform a personalized End-of-Life Ceremony to create a sacred, peaceful, Spirit-filled space for your loved in which they can prepare to take their final step into eternity, as well as a give peace, assurance and closure to family and friends.

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First Reader Comments:

"I find it very well written! It offers comfort for not only the patient but the family too.  This offers a spiritual and a physical way to help the patient and the family. And that’s a very good thing. The family is always looking for some way to help the patient. And if it helps the patient then it helps them. Whether they do all, or pick through the list and do some of the things, you not only presented them with ideas, but exactly how to do them. Awesome!"

- Mary Beth Willi, LPN, Learning How to Let Go The Signs and Symptoms of the Dying Process


“I have been savoring your book since I received it. As I read it, I’d have a question pop into my mind and the answer would appear in the next portion! This is such a Spirit Filled Book. I can just feel the tenderness with which the dying person is being treated. They are also being treated with dignity and respect. I so appreciate that you have written this book.”

- Debbie P.S., Missouri, recently sat vigil and experienced the death of her loved one

“I wish I had been able to have your book when my mother died. I would have loved to do these things with her. I know it would have comforted her in the most loving way. I am going to purchase one of these books for my daughter so she can do this with me when my time comes. Never have I read such a touching, caring, comforting and loving book to guide families through the spiritual journey of death for a loved one. I truly did love it. Thank you so much!” Jamie F., Arkansas


Look Inside...!
End-of-Life Spiritual Care
Biblical Insights and Practices to Help Your Loved One

Transition to Eternity with Faith, Love, and Dignity

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Hope filled yet reality-based insight into the dying experience.

End-of-Life Spiritual Care is written for everyday people who want to help their very special loved one step into eternity. This first of its kind book is a guide to understanding the spiritual labor of dying and how you can help your loved one through it from a Judeo-Christian viewpoint.

Available now in bookstores!



 ~Spiritual Care for the Actively Dying ~

Help your loved one make their transition to Eternity with love and dignity

Prayers and Scripture for Your Loved One

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