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The Natural Health Club
Alternative Health and Wellness

Welcome to The Natural Health Club!  The place to learn about natural ways that will help you to avoid and overcome sickness and disease and bring you health and wholeness in all areas of your life.

If you are suffering from allergies, asthma, joint pain or other sickness.... If you have a fear of cancer or getting sick as you get older....  If you want to be able to live a long and healthy life free of sickness and disease... you have come to the right place!  

Sickness and disease ARE NOT a normal part of life!  It's true!  You were designed to live disease free all the days of your life! 

It's time to feel good again!  And through the information and resources provided on our site you will learn health principles you can change your life with.  Whether you are experiencing a health imbalance or you are feeling great, you will benefit from looking into natural holistic solutions.  

These videos show vital natural health methods that have helped people regain and maintain their health for years through understanding how their body works and what it needs.  They can help you too today!

~ Videos ~

Build Up the Borders of Your Immune System

New sicknesses, diseases, germs and bacteria are coming across our nations' border. How can you protect yourself from these sicknesses and keep your immune system strong? Rose Martin shares ways to build your immune system

Pulse Test for Food Allergies
Rose Martin describes an effective at home test for food allergies.

Keeping Parasites Away
Parasites are part of our lives and keeping them at bay should be part of our natural health regimen. Rose Martin describes effective solutions for eliminating parasites from our bodies. Caution: Zapper procedure should not be used by anyone using a pacemaker.

Why MinCol? 
Many people are minerally deficient and don't know it. Rose Martin reveals signs that show mineral deficiencies and explains how Min-Col fills the void. The original Min-Col, made by Daily Manufacturing has been around for over 50 years supplying people with the minerals they need in a format that is usable to their bodies.

8 Free Things You Can Do Every Day to Keep Your Health
Rose Martin gives insight into 8 simple things you can do to start improving your health today - all for free!

Discerning Gods Ways of Healing
The Lord wants to heal His people and does so through various ways, from the miraculous to the natural. Rose Martin shares ways you can receive healing in your life today.

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