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Sagittarius Rising
Sagittarius Key Declarations: I Seek, I Explore

Those born with Sagittarius Rising come across as optimistic and pursuing life on a grand scale.  Sagittarius Rising wants to be known for taking action in daring physical and spiritual adventures.


You are a truth seeker eager to explore the world. Sagittarius Rising are the philosophers and spiritual teachers of the Zodiac.  You are outgoing, multicultural and love anything international.


Sagittarius is a people-oriented Fire Sign with a Masculine polarity.  Both are extroverted and action oriented.  A mutable mode gives you the ability to be adaptable and changeable.


Sagittarius’ ruling Planet is Jupiter, the ‘Sage,’ the largest Planet in the Solar System whose impulse is to explore and expand.  Jupiter represents optimism, abundance, and a big appetite for life.  Your optimistic outlook leads to great accomplishments.  You have a real need for a challenge.  You will reach your full potential if you are encouraged.


The symbols for Sagittarius are the Archer as well as the Rainbow.  You have strong faith and a positive spirit. You work on developing your mind and can often rise to great spiritual and philosophical heights. 


Sagittarius is the natural Sign of the Ninth House that represents truth, integrity, higher education. It is natural for you to seek knowledge.  You are the perpetual student always searching for new subjects to explore. You like to be with people on your own intellectual level.  You are interested in the world around you and you enjoy higher learning and spirituality.


You need open air and love to be outdoors. You enjoy risky adventures. If you are not challenged, uncharacteristic depression can set in.  You have lofty ideas and want your name to be associated with your concepts.


With Sagittarius Rising you were born with the ability to reach for higher truth and you will learn practical reality through your interaction with others.

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