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Taurus Rising
Taurus Key Declarations: I Have, I Possess

Those born with Taurus Rising are seen as being reliable and thorough in all their activities.  Taurus Rising wants to be known for building up their resources, possessions, and values in a practical steadfast way. You are sensual and passionate and enjoy comfort.  You also have the ability to instinctively know the needs of those you love. 


Taurus is a Fixed Sign indicating you are stubborn, determined and goal oriented.  Taurus is an Earth Element, which indicates  you are practical and dependable. The Taurus polarity is Feminine which indicates you are receptive and passive.


The ruling Planet is Venus, the ‘Lover,’ who represents the motivation to relate and acquire.  Your basic impulse is acquisition. You have great potential for accumulating resources.  You have a tendency to be materialistic in order to protect yourself.  If unbalanced, you can become a pack rat holding on to all your possessions.


The Symbol for Taurus is the bull.  Once a goal is set you have strength of purpose to see it through to the very end.  You can be extremely stubborn and have a hard time seeing anyone else’s point of view.  


Taurus is the natural Sign of the Second House which emphasis creature comforts, finances, and possessions.  It is only natural that you are concerned with security and personal welfare.  Money is meaningful to you.  You are concerned with security and your personal welfare.  You are a stabilizer who gathers, assimilates, collects, and builds. 


You are practical and are concerned with the basic needs of physical life, such as food, shelter, love, and the money to buy what you need.  What you need is determined by your individual personal values and whether they are practical or lavish. Taurus is the Sign of value, both material and personal.

With Taurus Rising you were born with fixed stability and will learn how to transform, change, and share through interactions in your close relationships. 

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