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Exploring Life in Heaven

Who Should Know About Heaven?

The Curious - if you are curious about your future and wonder what life is all about.  You will get many questions answered about life in the ever after.

Grievers - if you have lost a loved one.  You will find comfort in learning where your loved ones are now and what they may be doing.

Seniors - if you are in your golden years.  You will overcome any fears or uncertainties about what comes next.  Your future will become clear.

Believers - if you have accepted Jesus as your Savior.  You will discover what the Bible says about heaven.  The Word will become more real to you than ever before.  Also a great witnessing tool.

Unbelievers - those who have not made a decision about their eternity yet.  You will see why it is important to decide now where you will spend eternity.

Ministers - those who have been put in charge of teaching others.  Your understanding of heaven will open up and add new zest to your sermons.  Make sure you are leading the people in your flock to a full understanding of heaven and how they need to prepare for it now.

In short...EVERYONE!

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