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Note: These items will be fulfilled by The Rose Life Center.  Books (please order on separate page) will be fulfilled by Amazon.

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Spiritual Comfort and Deathcare Kit

To bring comfort and spiritual atmosphere when needed,

to anoint the sick and those in hospice


Spiritual Care Collection includes:

Choice of Talit or Scarf/shawl head covering

1 Candle-Wax in votive

1 Candle-Battery in votive

1 Anointing Oil

7 Communion cups/wafers

Scriptures and prayers for comfort

1 Tote bag

While I was with my mother in hospice, I had some of the spiritual items with me that meant something to us, like a prayer shawl, anointing oil and a Bible, but there are some other items I would have liked to have too, that I didn't realize until afterwards.  So, I put together this collection for those who are experiencing the process of the death of a loved one, to comfort and care for them with the love of God in their final hours.


The Spiritual Care Collection is an assortment of items typically used in the Christian faith to build faith and bring comfort according to various aspects of spiritual belief.  It is ideal for special care for those who are sick or dying and those tending to them. 

Each Collection includes either a Women's Prayer Shawl (pictured here) or Men or Woman's Tallit (Messianic Jewish/Christian) of choice and color availability, plus a vile of unscented anointing oil, 7 self-contained communion cups with wafer, 1 -2" wax candle in votive, 1- battery candle, 1- gold votive for the battery candle, a black tote, notebook, and pen.

These are items that can be used according to one's faith and denomination, to anoint the sick or dying, during prayer time or vigil, Scripture reading, or special family communion time together, all in one Collection, with a convenient tote for carrying your items back and forth from the hospital or care center.  The notebook and pen are included to journal events or instructions along the journey.

Prayer shawls can be worn by the sick or dying during special spiritual gatherings or ceremonies as well as for a continual reminder of the protection and presence of God and His love.

Bring a special atmosphere of faith, hope, love and dignity into the room and lives of those who need spiritual care and comfort through sickness or hospice.

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