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Natural Health
Alternative Health and Wellness

Your Health, Your Choice. Dr. M. Ted Morter, Jr., M.A

Imagine going through your day without feeling sick or tired. Through this new edition of the best-seller Your Health Your Choice, you will learn to control how you feel-both physically and emotionally. Inside the pages of this revolutionary guide you will discover nutrition guidelines and wellness principles that will help ensure good health and transform the way you feel. Dr. Morter deals well with the subject of unwellness.

New Moon Celebrations
Spiritual Growth and Maintenance

Wisdom in the Hebrew Months (Artscroll) Hardcover, by Zvi Ryzman 

This book is unique and its author is a marvel. First the book. Classic works of Jewish thought teach that each of the twelve lunar months corresponds to one of the twelve tribes. What do the months and the respective tribes have in common? The sacred works teach also that the four letters of Hashem's sacred Name can be rearranged in twelve different ways, and each of these twelve Name Combinations corresponds to one of the twelve months. 


Wisdom in the Hebrew Months volume 2: The months, the constellations, the letters, the tribes, the message Hardcover, by Zvi Ryzman

Classic works of Jewish thought teach that each of the twelve lunar months corresponds to one of the twelve tribes that each had its own role in Creation, had its own constellation and had a specific activity and Hebrew letter associated with it. What do the months and these components have in common and, how do they relate to our lives and mission? One mystery after another - and nowhere are they explained in English. Until now. 

The Wisdom in the Hebrew Months Volume 2 opens the door to a new dimension of understanding. Drawing upon the full breadth of Talmudic, Midrashic, and Rabbinic literature, it sheds new light on the months of the year, the tribes of Israel, the ways that Hashem relates to His people, and how each month has its own message to us. 


Ancient Moon Wisdom: The Kabbalistic Wheel of Astro Mystery and its Relationship to the Human Experience Paperback, by Miriam Maron

Drawing from a rich treasury of ancient Hebraic mystery wisdom and her many years of experience as a spiritual healer and counselor, Miriam Maron introduces us to the remarkable interplay between the months of the yearly cycle and tribal archetypes in the Hebraic tradition. She discusses each month’s corresponding animal, mineral, and plant totems. In Ancient Moon Wisdom, one will discover important life lessons from the histories and mythologies surrounding these archetypes and the deeper meanings behind each of their corresponding months—all of which will prove helpful in one’s personal unfolding.

Learning Faith-based Astrology
Discovering Identity and Destiny

Your Destiny Discovered: Astrology for Believers, by Rose Martin
Discover your unique gifts and talents through the Faith-based Interpretation of your Primary Star Pattern in the Heavens on the day you were born. Rose Martin will lead you through the study of the Luminaries that were created on the 4th day of Creation (Genesis 1:14-19) and show you how they reveal, at the time of your birth, your key personality traits, and how to develop those traits to better serve the Lord and fulfill your life's purpose. You will learn how God created the heavens and placed the Sun, the Moon, and the Stars as a blueprint to provide guidance and understanding of who He created you to be. From the moment you begin reading you will discover who you were created to be based on your birth date.
The first book on how to interpret your Natal Chart for Christians!

End of Life Transition
Guidance and Comfort for the Final Transition

Learning How to Let Go, by Mary Beth Willi
When the doctor gives you a potentially terminal diagnosis what happens? They talk all about chemotherapy, radiation, or treatment, but not about the actual process of dying and how to comfort those that are dying as well as the ones staying behind.  Very helpful in preparing to say goodbye. Full of very helpful end of life discussion. Carefully and tenderly written. An easy read full of valuable insight.

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