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End-of-Life Spiritual Care
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Review of End-of-Life Spiritual Care


Posted: 12 Feb 2023, 04:42

by Shillah Andeso

[Following is an official review of "End-of-Life Spiritual Care" by Rose Martin.]
5 out of 5 stars


The book End-of-Life Spiritual Care by Rose Martin examines the procedures and strategies to help a loved one enter eternity peacefully. Many people are unaware of what is expected of them when a loved one is close to passing away. This is a book that demystifies death and its associated procedures. Providing a peaceful transition doesn't mean not grieving. It entails the loved one making their transition in peace. Rose Martin explains these aspects in explicit detail.

Rose was motivated to write this book after her mother passed away at 94. She needed help understanding what to write, and the hospice center provided it. She details the time leading up to her mother's passing and the actions she took. She had never before discovered a book that helped family members through this process. Five parts make up the remaining division of the book. The first section explains how to help a loved one during the dying process. The materials used in the ceremony are covered in the second section, while rites and traditions related to the ceremony are covered in the third section. It also includes directions on how to do this ritual. The fourth section of the book contains prayers and texts to strengthen one's faith, and the final section provides an explanation and additional information about the book.

I had no idea that death required preparation before I read this book. I was aware that death was a bad omen. Therefore, talking about it made it more evident. I now see that, much like how people prepare for birth, death is a process for which one must be prepared. Rose uses her language to express her gratitude. She explains how crucial her mother's demise was to her purpose. The atmosphere and mood are tackled in detail in this book. The author attempts to answer every question the reader might have while reading this book. Her recommendations are based on the teachings of the Bible. I learned more about life and death while reading this book.

I rate End-of-Life Spiritual Care by Rose Martin 5 out of 5 stars. This book is well structured. The author briefly mentions points before explaining them. When a specific reference to something in the book is required, this component is crucial. She provides examples to help the reader through this process. While reading this book, I found no grammatical or typographical errors. I'm pleased to say that the book was exceptionally well-edited. There was nothing about this book that I didn't like. I consequently have no justification for rating it lower.

I recommend this book to everyone grieving the loss of a loved one. This book will help them understand what they should do to get closure and learn what their loved ones went through. Anyone who wants to understand this process should also read this book. There may be some who disagree with the author's viewpoint. It will, therefore, be necessary to comprehend the author's inspiration before beginning the process. Other religions might also not concur with what she explains in this book.

End-of-Life Spiritual Care
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Re: Review of End-of-Life Spiritual Care

Posted: 13 Feb 2023, 06:33

by Favyugwu

It's quite elaborating. I'm interested in reading more passages of this book. Thanks for your feedback.

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