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The Moon,
Reflecting the Light of the Sun


While your Sun Sign describes your core personality, the Moon Sign represents your emotions, moods, and your more intimate side.   The Sun, the ruler of the day, represents where you shine.  The Moon, as ruler of the night represents how you ‘reflect’ the sunshine.


The Moon represents the less obvious activity of your life, your deepest emotions, and your feeling nature. It describes how you instinctively respond or react to the events in your life and the environment around you.  The Moon is nurturing and governs the urge to protective yourself. It reveals your emotional responses and habits. The Moon suggests how you are likely to make decisions about matters that affect your physical and emotional safety.

As your Moon influences your emotional and more intimate side it reveals:

- your inner desires, emotions, and memories
- all that you internalize and keep from others
- the mother/maternal energy in your Chart
- your immediate emotional response to life’s situations

- your instinctive nature
- the part of you that is hidden but often comes out

    in highly stressful situations


By knowing which Sign your Moon is in, you can also understand:

- how you nurture others
- how you like to be nurtured
- how you meet your physical and emotional needs
- how you react in emotional situations
- how you process emotions
- how you protect yourself


Just as our Sun was in a certain Zodiac Sign at your birth, so the Moon was in a certain Sign also. The Moon travels through each of the twelve Zodiac signs each month and therefore its Sign changes frequently throughout the month.  An Ephemeris will show you where the Moon was at the time of your birth.  Casting a computerized Natal Chart will also show you. 


The Moon Sign often shows the area of life that gives you the most comfort and security. It can also show how you retreat when you need rest, quiet or refuge.  It can describe the type of emotional nurturing you received from your parent or primary caregiver.  Lastly it can reveal details of your domestic life.


The Moon indicates the processes you use in your daily activities.  We have one type of individuality, indicated by the Sun, and often a quite different method for accomplishing our goals, indicated by the Moon.


The Moon indicates how your nature, as shown by the Sun, will be developed in your life.  It works with the Sun to fulfill your life purpose. The qualities of your Moon Sign help you to accomplish your life goals set by the purpose of your Sun.


Once you find the Sign your Moon occupies, you can identify its qualities and will be able to distinguish them from your Sun’s qualities.  You can mentally compartmentalize which qualities go with each Luminary in order to understand their separate functions.  You will be able to see what they have in common, where they complement one another, and where they differ.


Your entire emotional mode of operation is dictated by a combination of both the Sun Sign and the Moon Sign. By considering the Sun and Moon together as a team and looking at just these two points in the Chart, you can learn much about how you fulfill your desires and needs.


What is the nature of the Moon Sign you were born under?

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