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Your Destiny Discovered: Astrology for Believers
by  Rose Martin
The first book on how to interpret your Natal Chart for Christians! 


“Your Destiny Discovered, Astrology for Believers” explains Astrology from a Christian, Born-again perspective, showing how Astrology was used by the forefathers of our faith, and is still valuable for Believers today.

Learn how the Heavens communicate God's messages through the Sun, the Moon, and the Stars that He created on the 4th day and how they provide guidance and understanding of the gifts and talents you were born with to fulfill your life's purpose.

You do not have to study Astrology to learn about yourself from this book.  If you do want to study the Divine Science of Astrology, this is a safe place to begin and not violate your Christian beliefs.


Born-again Christians and Messianic Jews, the One New Man in faith, are all searching for answers to life’s questions and their faith walk.  Believers want to be part of the great work of reclaiming and spreading the Light of the Lord in the Mountains of Influence in our world. Biblical Astrology is designed to reveal the skills and talents they possess that support their calling. 

"Your Destiny Discovered, Astrology for Believers," by Rose Martin is for those who want to discover more about themselves and the people in their lives.

Reader Review:

"Christians have long been told that Astrology is not for the Church, but Your Destiny Discovered - Astrology for Believers may change your mind.  The book presents the study of the stars according to the principles and beliefs found in the Bible and reasons that astrology can be used as a spiritual tool.  It underscores that astrology is not a tool to be used to ignore God and depend solely on it, but you can use the Heavens as one way to hear and get direction from Him. The book shows that your chart is a map of yourself and that you can use this information to help find your God-given purpose in life: understand yourself better.  I don’t have the exact time of my birth, but just with my sun sign, I was able to see the strengths and weaknesses that I was born with which helped make better sense of things.  The writing makes is easy to understand the concept of astrology and there are helpful charts and forms within.  I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in the study of the stars and how it affects your life in a Biblical manner."    - M. Johnson 5-28-2020  

View the rich content provided in this book:
Your Destiny Discovered: Astrology for Believers
Table of Contents

Discover the Meaning of Your Primary Star Pattern

Here is a video guide showing how to use the book "Your Destiny Discovered: Astrology for Believers" to unlock the meaning of the Stars in the Heavens at the moment of your birth.

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