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Sun in Cancer
June 21 - July 22

CANCER NATURE: Emotionally sensitive, tenacious, and protective. You are loyal, sympathetic, persuasive, and intuitive.


With your Sun in Cancer the meaning of ‘home’ carries a lot of emotion with it.  You have strong feelings for family.  The ancestry and the roots from which you came give you security for your life. You are protective, sensitive, nurturing, mothering, patriotic, shy, and safety oriented. You are sensitive to other people’s moods and like to nurture others.   You enjoy exchanging feelings and were born to learn to master yours.


Emotional and physical safety are important to you and you seek security in material comforts.  The symbol of Cancer is the crab that carries their home on their back.  You withdraw into your shell when you get the slightest criticism or rejection from others.  You keep your soft side well protected.


Your worst trait is being too clingy.  You can be afraid of the future and are reassured by the past and its memories. You do not take a direct approach.  You may take three steps forward and one step back in accomplishing your goals, but you find a way to accomplish them. You want to feel like you are making a difference.  You have high intuition and must learn to develop your logic and work together with it.


You like one on one conversations, art, home-based hobbies, relaxing near or in the Water, helping loved ones or a good meal with friends. You dislike strangers, any criticism of your mother, or revealing your personal life to others.


Cancer Fulfilled: You find fulfillment through developing your personality and having a warm loving home. Your life is nourished by your family heritage.  A good spiritual partner or spouse can help you fulfill your life purpose.


Your affinity for home, family and heritage can be used in careers that deal with these areas such as the food industry, real estate, or coin and stamp collecting.  Caring for others through the religious or health care Mountains of medicine, nursing, social and welfare work may be a good use of your gifts of sympathy and sensitivity.


Cancer Pride of Life:  You are proud of your home.  Your family is the center of your life. You want to keep them all to yourself.


Keeping Pride in Check:     Make the most of each opportunity to learn to socialize and be more inclusive of those outside of your family. Learn to come out of your shell by being active in group activities that could benefit you or someone else.  Learn to grow from travel experiences, exploring new places, philosophizing, and building a friendship network.


Cancer Challenging/Unbalanced Traits: You can be unwavering, moody, possessive, suspicious, manipulative, or insecure.  The fear of being emotionally hurt can keep you immobilized.

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