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The Sun as the Symbolic Center

of Your Life

In the Divine Science of Astrology, the Sun symbolizes the center of your life, as well as your spirit. It represents the vital force of your life and is the source of your will.  It reveals your individuality, who and what you are at your heart level.  It indicates known, as well as unknown hidden, strengths you need to develop, or weaknesses you need to overcome.  It is the core of your Kingdom Identity.


Your Sun Sign provides valuable information about the foundational characteristics of your unique personality. It represents qualities which you can use and develop in a constructive way to feel good about yourself and become who you were uniquely created to be  It is the first step in discovering your destiny!

Here is a brief description of the Nature of each of the Signs.  To learn more about each Sign, click on full description under each sign.

Note:  Your Sun Sign is only one facet of your personality, and will be modified by other factors in your Mazal, or Natal Chart.  But it is a good place to start because you only need to know your date of birth in order to begin.  We need the time and place of birth to calculate the other positions of your Star Pattern.

The 12 Sun Signs
What is the nature of the Sun Sign you were born under?
Click on the links for further insight into that Sign.

March 21 - April 20

Sun in ARIES

ARIES NATURE:  Adventurous, courageous, determined, confident and quick witted.  You are enthusiastic, optimistic, dynamic, and pioneering.

Full Description of the Sun in Aries

April 21 - May 20


TAURUS NATURE: Steady, persistent, reliable, stubborn, patient, practical, and sensual.  You are responsible, stable, and devoted.

Full Description of the Sun in Taurus

May 21 - June 20



GEMINI NATURE: Communicative, curious, logical, rational, and gentle.  You are dualistic, distractible, versatile, and adaptable.

Full Description of the Sun in Gemini

June 21 - July 22


CANCER nature: Emotionally sensitive, tenacious, and protective. You are loyal, sympathetic, persuasive, and intuitive.

Full Description of the Sun in Cancer

July 23 - August 22

Sun in LEO

LEO Nature: Creative, generous, passionate, and a leader.  You are warm-hearted, cheerful, dramatic, humorous, faithful, and loving.

Full Description of the Sun in Leo

August 23 - September 22

Sun in VIRGO


VIRGO NATURE:  Practical, analytical, service-oriented, and hard working.  You are gentle, loyal, kind, and detail oriented.

Full Description of the Sun in Virgo

September 23 - October 22

Sun in LIBRA


LIBRA NATURE: Cooperative, graceful, charming, balanced, diplomatic.  You are easy going, creative, idealistic, and enjoy partnership.

Full Description of the Sun in Libra

October 23 - November 21



SCORPIO nature:  Secretive, intense, controlling, resourceful, and a long-term true friend.  You are forceful, magnetic, and brave.

Full Description of the Sun in Scorpio

November 22 - December 21


SAGITTARIUS nature:  Freedom loving, truth-seeker, straight-forward, broadminded, philosophical, idealistic, and an explorer.  You are generous, honest, have a great sense of humor, and like to travel. You look for happy endings.

Full Description of the Sun in Sagittarius

December 22 - January 19


CAPRICORN nature: Achiever, reserved, mature, and disciplined. You are conservative, responsible, determined, self-controlled, grounded, and concerned with status.

Full Description of the Sun in Capricorn

January 20 - February 18



AQUARIUS NATURE: Independent, original, unique, and progressive.  You are individualistic, contrary, humanitarian, futuristic, stubborn, and socially aware, yet somewhat traditional.

Full Description of the Sun in Aquarius

February 18 - March 20



PISCES Nature:  Compassionate, idealistic, dreamer, and creative.  You are artistic, intuitive, gentle, kind, wise, self-sacrificing, and unworldly.

Full Description of the Sun in Pisces

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