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Sun in Scorpio
October 23 - November 21

SCORPIO NATURE:  Secretive, intense, controlling, resourceful, and a long-term true friend.  You are forceful, magnetic, and brave.


With the Sun in Scorpio you have deep emotions and desires.  Scorpio is the most intense Sign of the Zodiac.  You were born to search for deep truth even if it involves issues which are taboo. Scorpios are the private eyes, detectives, scientific and spiritual researchers of the Zodiac. You like truth, facts, and getting to the heart of the matter.


You have a keen sense of purpose and will work hard to achieve your goals.  You are driven, focused, passionate, sexy, deep, a survivor, are self-controlled, penetrating, and potent.  Your energy can seem overpowering and you may intimidate others.  Unlike the Sun Sign of Aries, which fights offensively, those born under Scorpio fight defensively. Scorpios carefully plan their defense moves, laying out traps and waiting patiently for the right moment to settle the score.  Scorpios never forget a slight.


Your inability to trust people may be your worst trait. You need total commitment from those with whom you are close.  You do not feel comfortable unless you are in control and have the upper hand.   You are good in a crisis.


You like being right and having longtime friends. You dislike dishonesty, revealing your secrets, and passive people.


Scorpio Fulfillment: You find fulfillment through developing your deep creativity with the goal of delivering results. This comes through passionate involvement with groups, causes, and friendships in order to bring forth growth and transformation. As you become more empathetic and consider people for their worth as humans, and not their material value, your relationships will deepen.


You may have a gift and love of healing and can make an excellent doctor, health care worker, nurse, dentist, or surgeon.  Research is second nature and can be used in the Mountains of Influence that deal with engineering, mechanics, metaphysics, Astrology, and other spiritual sciences.  You may work in fields that deal with other people’s money such as payroll, mortgages, insurance, or wills.


Scorpio Pride of Life: You are proud of your standard of living and your power.  Control is the center of your life.


Keeping Pride in Check: Make the most of each opportunity to learn to see the importance of lighter, less emotional, more superficial meanings of life rather than only the deep and mysterious ones.  Learn to play fair.  Learn to truly share with others instead of using what you share to gain control.


Scorpio Challenging/Unbalanced Traits: You can carry a grudge, be traumatic, unforgiving, jealous, and intimidating.  You can be overly suspicious and revengeful to those who have betrayed you. You can be distrusting, jealous, secretive, angry, revengeful, obsessive, compulsive, and possessive.

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