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Sun in Sagittarius
November 22 - December 21

SAGITTARIUS NATURE:  Freedom loving, truth-seeker, straight-forward, broadminded, philosophical, idealistic, and an explorer.  You are generous, honest, have a great sense of humor, and like to travel. You look for happy endings.


With your Sun in Sagittarius you are the explorers of the Zodiac and seek adventure.  You search out faraway places, whether it be material, physical or spiritual.  You were born to explore the heights of spiritual, religious, and philosophical truth. You have strong faith, are forgiving, loving, and ethical.  You do not hold grudges.


You enjoy philosophy, multicultural experiences and seek for new horizons with a positive spirit.  Money may not be as important to you as spiritual principles and pursuits.  You give things away thinking others need it more than you.  You are critical of your own behavior and take full responsibility for your actions.  You learn from your mistakes.


If you want to know what someone thinks, ask a Sagittarius!  You speak the truth but can be blunt and this can be your worst trait.  At times you speak before you think, and it upset others. Sagittarius needs a challenge and enjoys achieving.  As soon as one challenge is finished, you start on the next one.  You seek pleasure at any cost and may be irresponsible and reckless in your behavior.  You are curious and love to travel.  You can be hard to pin down.  Restlessness can be a severe problem.  You need to feel the pressure to succeed.  You are outgoing, optimistic, and upwardly mobile.


You like freedom and being outdoors. You would like to travel around the world.  Sagittarius dislikes clingy people, being constrained, off-the-wall theories, and details.


Sagittarius Fulfillment:  You find fulfillment through serving other people.  You help other people improve their lives by sharing your wisdom and revealing truths through the insights you have learned. Your responsibilities and obligations are opportunities to solidify your own opinions.  Religion and spiritual practices give structure to your need for higher learning.


Your can do well in places of higher education, religious, or spiritual mountains as you have an expansive mind and like to undertake new studies. The legal and judicial system would be a natural place for you to make use of your desire to seek truth.  Employment related to travel or the import-export business may interest you.  You can use your gifts and talents in the Mountains of Influence that deal with mass communications, radio, internet, cable, literature and all published material, as well as fields that require keeping up to date with happenings around the world. Lecturing and living in distant places is possible. 


Sagittarius Pride of Life: You are proud of your fearlessness.  Your own philosophies are the center of your life.


Keeping Pride in Check: Make the most of each opportunity to spend time leaning about the roots and foundation of subjects instead of always focusing on the esoteric  Challenge yourself to find opportunities for enjoyment in the practical realm instead of only in the spiritual.  Keep your spiritual craving in balance by working on activities that are material and keep you involved in the physical.


Sagittarius Unbalanced/Challenging Traits: You can be tactless and awkward in your speech and mannerisms.  You can have blind optimism, often promising more than you can deliver.  You do not always see projects through.  You are impatient and will say what you think no matter how undiplomatic it may be.

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