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Sun in Taurus
April 21 - May 20

TAURUS NATURE: Steady, persistent, reliable, stubborn, patient, practical, and sensual.  You are responsible, stable, and devoted.


With your Sun in Taurus you are determined, yet generally patient. Of all the signs you have the most common sense and are good at offering practical advice. You are a good steward of all things under your care and are considered exceptionally reliable. You were born to find comfort and gratification.  You can be possessive and keep things for life. You may be a slow learner, but once you grasp something you retain it.  You believe in the tangible, concrete matters of the day rather than philosophical or spiritual matters.


Your worst fault could be your stubbornness.  You cannot be forced to change your mind and you only see your side of the story.  You do not like change, especially when you did not initiate it.  You like land and what money can buy including high quality clothes and furniture. The more self-confident you become the more it will be reflected in your possessions.


You like to be at home in your own environment.  You want peace and harmony and stay away from disruptive situations.  You tend to be an eternal optimist.  Nothing seems to get you upset. However, when pushed to certain point, you have a strong temper.  You enjoy the comforts of the world and can get too comfortable and stagnate, not wanting to change in a given situation.  You have artistic and creative talents and enjoy taking time to stop and enjoy life.


You like beauty and working with your hands through gardening and cooking.  You also enjoy music and romance. You dislike sudden changes, complications, and insecurity of any kind.


Taurus Fulfillment:  You find fulfillment through your friends, groups, social events, and the successful result of the efforts you have taken toward your hopes and dreams, as well as through your children, creativity, fun, speculation, and romance.  When you learn how to appreciate the beauty and pleasures of your life you will eliminate fear and anger.


Your high integrity, reliability, and financial skills may lead you to work in the business Mountain through banking, securities, mutual funds, real estate, commerce, or finance. 


Your creative talents work well as a hair stylist, interior decorator, musician, or artist.  Your sympathetic and stable nature fits well in careers such as doctors, nurses, teachers, and social workers.  Your love of nature can draw you into farming, ranching, or the produce industry. 


Taurus Pride of Life: You are proud of your possessions and your values.  Material things including money can be the center of your life.


Keeping Pride in Check:  Make the most of each opportunity to learn to value other philosophies and learn to appreciate the spiritual values of life.  Take other people’s views into consideration.  Learn to be generous and give of yourself and your possessions to your partnerships.

Taurus Challenging/Unbalanced Traits: You can be slow to move and resistant to change.  You can be inflexible, reactive, greedy, and self-indulgent.  You can be too fearful of change or losing your possessions.  You can be stubborn, possessive, and uncompromising.

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