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Sun in Libra
September 23 - October 22

LIBRA NATURE: Cooperative, graceful, charming, balanced, diplomatic.  You are easy going, creative, idealistic, and enjoy partnership.


With your Sun in Libra you are the natural peacemaker of the Zodiac.  You were born to see other people’s perspectives. You are fair minded and social.  Social skills are particularly important to you as Libra is the most social of all the Sun Signs. You have good manners, are a welcomed guest, and can provide fresh ideas.  You are a good sounding board and people confide in you.


You care about everyone and their opinions, and you see both sides of every story.  Because of this, making decisions can be difficult for you.  Life can be a balancing act where you weigh all your options and have a hard time making up your mind.  Indecision may be your worst fault.


Partnership and marriage are especially important to you and there can be increasing success after marriage.  Companionship is foremost in your mind and you are miserable when alone. You are concerned with equality, compromise, symmetry, and peace.  You can be persuasive, civil, courteous, and elegant.


You have a hard time leaving well enough alone and can turn the simplest problems into a complication. You can be a good leader, but you do not feel comfortable doing business if everyone does not win.  You do not want anyone to get hurt.


You like companionship, commitment, harmony, sharing with others, and the outdoors. You dislike violence, injustice, loudmouths, and unconformity.


Libra Fulfillment:  You find fulfillment in having a good spouse.  Marriage gives you the opportunity for a good family life.  Your genetics, heritage, and parents help to build your identity.  The foundation of partnership helps you to fulfill your destiny as you realize that success with others is more important than success alone.


You have a sense of justice which is needed in areas where fairness is needed such as the legal Mountain in roles including attorneys, judges, or court reporters.  Your artistic talent can lead to careers dealing with music, singing, dancing, the stage, or television.  You may also deal with luxury items, cosmetics, hair styling, and interior decorating.  You can have attractive features that can lend themselves to the modeling industry.  You may be excellent at public relations or as a diplomat.  Marriage counselling is an occupation that may interest you.


Libra Pride of Life: You are proud of your partner and relationships.  Other people are the center of your life.


Keeping Pride in Check:  Make the most of each opportunity to learn to make practical business type decisions instead of the ones where you are always being overly fair or trying to make everyone happy.  Endeavor to overcome the fear of failure.  Learn how to be comfortable alone at times and think about your own opinions to understand who you are.


Libra Challenging/Unbalanced Traits: You can be vacillating, indecisive, a people pleaser, avoid confrontations, carry a grudge, and have self-pity.  You can be gullible, uncertain and worry too much about what others think. You fear making a bad choice.

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