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Can Energy Drinks Really Kill You?

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

How Can Energy Drinks Kill You?

Energy drinks are filled with ‘energy’ at the expense of your body’s nutritional reserves. While these drinks give you short term energy by giving your body massive stimulants like sugar and caffeine and other energy herbs, they also drain massive amounts of life sustaining nutrients on a scale so large the body may not have time to recover.

While jump starting your system and giving you a burst of energy, these drinks have no nutritional value. They contain mostly ‘empty calories’ - calories that have nothing to give your body, and nothing to neutralize and take care of the nutrient depleting components contained in them.

As we have learned through studying acidosis the body’s various pH levels are key components to health, the most important of which is the blood pH, which must be maintained near 7.35 on the pH scale. If the pH goes even a half point up or down, death can ensue. Life is in the blood, literally!

The pH is affected by many things including foods, emotions, medications and chemicals we are exposed to, many of which are acid on the pH scale. The pH of our body and blood determined by lifestyle choices in these areas, and very importantly, by the nutrients that we feed our bodies. The nutrients, particularly minerals, are the neutralizing agents that counteract the effects of the acid producing lifestyle we live.

These important neutralizing minerals are contained in the food we eat and can also be increased through natural supplements. Whatever minerals we eat that are not needed to neutralize a particular meal, emotional trauma, medication or chemical exposure, are stored in our muscles and skin and organs, for use at a future time.

So how can energy drinks lead to death? The main components of energy drinks are sugar and caffeine. Sugar and caffeine are very acid oh the pH scale. What may very well be happening is when people drink these drinks, the body is overwhelmed with acid and it tries to neutralize this acid by drawing out the mineral reserves in the muscles, skin and organs as quickly as possible. With such massive amounts of sugar and caffeine, it may not be able to pull out the reserves fast enough to counteract the acid to keep the blood sugar at the important 7.35 level and death ensues. The body may not even have reserved minerals available because of previous bombardments of acid foods and drinks, so it has nothing else to pull from to neutralize the incoming load of caffeine and sugar. The body’s pH goes to a dangerous acid state, which ultimately lowers the blood pH to level where life can no longer exist. Life leaves the blood; the body dies.

This is why it is of utmost importance to keep mineral reserves in our bodies. Healthy lifestyle choices build reserves and make the demand on reserves less necessary. Unhealthy lifestyle choices deplete reserves and therefore make nutritional supplementation vital.

Daily mineral supplementation with products such as MinCol, which contains 66 minerals, as well as greens like alfalfa, barley green, and wheat grass, that contain minerals as well as chlorophyll, will give our bodies what they need to keep the pH levels at a healthy, disease free level. Energy will increase, and bombardments of sugar and caffeine won’t even be necessary to give us the energy that we need!

Acidosis – the fastest growing epidemic and the many illnesses it can cause.

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