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The Stars and Your Rising Sign

And God made the two great lights

the greater light to rule the day and the lesser light to rule the night —and the Stars.

Genesis 1:16 ESV


The Stars, Your Face to the World


The Rising Sign is part of the Primary Star Pattern which also includes the Sun and the Moon.  Your Rising Sign is not a Planet like the Sun and Moon.  It is a point in the constellation of Stars that were shining on the Eastern horizon at any given time.  Your Rising Sign is the point that marked the exact Eastern degree of the horizon at the moment of your birth.  Depending on its Element and mode your Rising Sign will reveal the persona you display to the world and the mannerisms you use to project and protect yourself throughout your life.


According to the Ancient Astrology taught from the Biblical perspective, the Rising Sign is the most important Luminary in determining how we see life and how others see us.  It is the point that sets the position of the entire Chart and is most personal to us. It is described as the helm of life. It sets the viewpoint of the entire Chart. 


Your Rising Sign, also called the Ascendant, sets the tone of your entire Chart.  It is like a veil, or a mask, that you wear as you interact with the world. It is not something you hide behind, instead, it represents how you present yourself, both through your bodily appearance and your personality.


Your Rising Sign indicates how you want to be seen by the world.  It colors the way you perceive the world, and it colors the way other people see and relate to you. It is what people see when they first meet you. When they get to know you better, they see the other components of your personality as shown in your Chart like the Sun and Moon characteristics.


Your Rising Sign reveals the ease and ability with which you interact with the outside world.  The way in which you do this is based on the characteristics of the Zodiac Sign in which it resides. The energies of your Rising Sign set the tone for your entire Chart and work in conjunction with your Sun and Moon.


The position of the Rising Sign in your Natal Chart is very time specific.  Most people do not know the exact time of their birth due to lack of access to their detailed birth information.  It is not something you can guess at. The position of the constellation, or the Stars, that is rising changes every 4 minutes due to the Earth’s rotation.  It is easily calculated with Astrology computer programs and you can request a copy of your Primary Star Pattern, which will show you your Rising Sign, based on your birth time.  If you do not know your birth time, you can still request the calculation of Your Primary Star Pattern and until you know your birth time, you can continue to study your Sun and Moon Signs.  They will give you a tremendous amount of information to begin to know yourself.

The 12 Rising Signs

What is the nature of the persona you present to the world?

ARIES Rising

Aries Key declaration: I Am

Those born with Aries Rising are perceived to be naturally ambitious and courageous, and their appearance can be prominent.  Aries Rising wants to be known for taking action and their leadership role in starting projects.

Full Description of ARIES Rising


Taurus Key Declarations: I Have, I Possess

Those born with Taurus Rising are seen as being reliable and thorough in all their activities.  Taurus Rising wants to be known for building up their resources, possessions, and values in a practical steadfast way. You are sensual and passionate and enjoy comfort.  You also have the ability to instinctively know the needs of those you love. 

Full Description of Taurus Rising



Gemini Key Declarations: I Think, I Communicate

Those born with Gemini Rising are perceived to have two different faces to their personality.  Gemini Rising wants to be known for their ability to communicate and exchanging a variety of ideas.

Full Description of Gemini Rising



Cancer Key Declarations:  I Feel, I Nurture

Those born with Cancer Rising are seen as someone whose focus is on home and family.  Cancer Rising wants to be known for creating and sustaining emotional bonds with those to whom they are close.

Full Description of Cancer Rising

LEO Rising

Leo Key Declaration:  I Create 

Those born with Leo Rising are seen as those who know their value.  Leo Rising wants to be known for their creativity and their bold leadership.

Full Description of Leo Rising

VIRGO Rising


Virgo Key Declarations: I Analyze, I Serve

Those born with Virgo Rising are seen as supportive and needing stability.  Virgo Rising wants to be known for their ability to analyze and serve in a practical dedicated way.

Full Description of Virgo Rising

LIBRA Rising


Libra Key Declarations: I Balance, I Partner

Those born with Libra Rising are seen as people who love equality in partnerships.  Libra Rising wants to be known for their ability to relate to others and exchange ideas in a fair and even way.

Full Description of Libra Rising



Scorpio Key Declaration:  I Desire

Those born with Scorpio Rising can be seen as aggressive and ready to fight battles, but under that exterior is a reserved and cautious person.  Scorpio Rising wants to be known for their power and deep personal transformations.

Full Description of Scorpio Rising


Sagittarius Key Declarations: I Seek, I Explore

Those born with Sagittarius Rising come across as optimistic and pursuing life on a grand scale.  Sagittarius Rising wants to be known for taking action in daring physical and spiritual adventures.

Full Description of Sagittarius Rising


Capricorn Key Declaration: I Achieve

Capricorn Rising comes across as being rigid and self-controlled.  Capricorn Rising wants to be known for building their career in a practical honorable way.

Full Description of Capricorn Rising



Aquarius Key Declaration: I Aspire

Those born with Aquarius Rising come across as distant and hard to feel close to, even though they are really friendly, outgoing, and generally upbeat. Aquarius Rising wants to be known for the ability to communicate and institute new ideas for the betterment of humanity.

Full Description of Aquarius Rising



Pisces Key Declarations: I Believe, I Dream 

Those born with Pisces Rising are seen as being compassionate and understanding.  Pisces Rising wants to be known as a compassionate, self-sacrificial support to their community.

Full Description of Pisces Rising

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